Anti Malaria Fashion Foundation

About Us

We can do it

It is the mission and purpose of Anti Malaria Fashion Foundation, Inc to provide aid and relief to eradicate malaria on a global level and fight poverty in malaria stricken countries. We determined to help end malaria deaths by providing around the clock personal protection against mosquitoes, rally strategic investments and aid in economic development in sub-Saharan Africa because malaria and poverty are inextricably linked.

Because current tools are not sufficient to achieve global eradication of malaria, we are  investing in a range of new interventions that will have greater impact.

Anti Malaria Fashion Foundation is working with a worldwide team of scientists developing a range of novel nano-technologies capable of inserting repellents and insecticides into textiles for long lasting protection (patent pending).  Based on the recent discoveries Anti Malaria Fashion Foundation developed “Outside the Net Personal Protection Program”, a new tool in fighting residual transmission and mosquito resistance.

The heart of the program is AMFF’s  Outside the Net Personal Protection Project – a novel personal protection intervention that will revolutionize control of residual malaria transmission by turning the everyday clothes of endemic populations into a Long Lasting Protective Shield. There has not been any vector control intervention since bed nets which could protect all populations of risk, especially children. The utilizing of existing clothing and habits promotes stronger compliance and greater community acceptability.

The program includes clothing and bedding treatments locally, implementing existing LLINs and IRS infrastructure, village health committees and NGOs.

Partnering with the worldwide scientists and organizations we are forming the Global Outside the Net Anti-Mosquito Vector Control Consortium for implementing our program.

The goal of zero deaths from malaria cannot be achieved without eliminating the existing GAP of early evening and morning mosquito biting. We have the tools to close this GAP and help rid the world of malaria.


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